New Muštuluk wines – kaleidoscope of pure joy!

mustuluk vijesti

In order to satisfy the most refined affinities of wine lovers, the wine brand Muštuluk has been rebranded and now presents its red, white and rosé varieties of carefully created blends.

You will recognize the Muštuluk range by its sophisticated, attractive label designs and elegant bottles that maintain rich assemblage characteristics.

With its gentle golden yellow color, fresh and intense aromas of banana, pear, peach, pineapple and green plants and mineral undertones, the Muštuluk White wine has a taste that lasts, with a full finish and typical freshness. Muštuluk Red is characterized by an intense ruby colour which hides flavours of red fruit and subtle notes of tobacco, black pepper, vanilla and cinnamon. The specific salmon pink colour and subtle fragrance of rose, pear, strawberry and ripe peach are the hallmarks of the Muštuluk Rosé wine, which brings exotic, fresh fruit flavours on the palate. Which wine for joy do you prefer?

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