Wine stories

  • žk

    Ždrepčeva krv – when valuable becomes invaluable

    Inspired by the value that Ždrepčeva krv has had for the generations of consumers, in 2022 we started the campaign “When valuable becomes invaluable”, which reflects the brand strength and permanence and represents a new, golden version of the legendary wine name. Grateful for being our customers’ first choice for their precious moments, we are careful to maintain the reputation and taste by which we have recognized each other in joy and satisfaction for more than half a century.

  • LEDERER Rose

    Lederer Rose – a new, refined taste of seduction

    The Lederer wine range has complemented its mosaic of pleasure with its new dry Rosé wine, perfect for good mood and light tasty snacks. At first glance, this Rosé captivates with its distinct coral colour, while the fragrance is characterized by the abundance of fruity aromas: from wild strawberries and citrus to red grapefruit and white peach. Playful, gentle, and refreshing, Lederer Rose was created for those who enjoy refined style and taste, who identify the joy of wine with a fluttering and refined experience for all the senses. We look forward to hearing your impressions!

  • mustuluk vijesti

    New Muštuluk wines – kaleidoscope of pure joy!

    In order to satisfy the most refined affinities of wine lovers, the wine brand Muštuluk has been rebranded and now presents its red, white and rosé varieties of carefully created blends.

    You will recognize the Muštuluk range by its sophisticated, attractive label designs and elegant bottles that maintain rich assemblage characteristics.

    With its gentle golden yellow color, fresh and intense aromas of banana, pear, peach, pineapple and green plants and mineral undertones, the Muštuluk White wine has a taste that lasts, with a full finish and typical freshness. Muštuluk Red is characterized by an intense ruby colour which hides flavours of red fruit and subtle notes of tobacco, black pepper, vanilla and cinnamon. The specific salmon pink colour and subtle fragrance of rose, pear, strawberry and ripe peach are the hallmarks of the Muštuluk Rosé wine, which brings exotic, fresh fruit flavours on the palate. Which wine for joy do you prefer?

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    Return of the lord of taste!

    Celebrating good times and values that last, toast with the Čoka winery wines rounded off with the name of legendary Count Lederer.

    Souvignon Blanc, the wine of herbal character, brings the taste of a time when chivalry was equated with the highest honor. Lederer Chardonnay with an authentic note of citrus, green apple and field flowers is a mirror of a rounded refined style, while Cabernet Sauvignon is perfect for hedonists of refined manners. For those who stick to tradition, the ideal choice is a light-tasting Merlot imbued with notes of mature elegance. If you want to complete the moments of enjoyment with the wine of harmonious heady notes of white flowers, choose the seductive, passion-colored Muscat Ottonel.

    We invite you to try the wines from the Count Lederer palette of the Čoka Winery and indulge in the embrace of timeless style and carefully preserved wine recipes!

  • 2 1

    To wine and love!

    While hosts mark the slava of St. Tryphon on February 14, and the couples in love celebrate St. Valentine’s Day, hardworking winegrowers go to their vineyards to prune and pour wine over their vines. With prayer and song, those whose hard work turns into red and white treasure, with faith and love hope for a fruitful year; in a similar way, by consecrating vineyards and opening barrels with last year’s wine, Čoka Winery traditionally celebrates this holiday.

    Despite the different traditions, St. Tryphon and St. Valentine are inextricably linked with motives of love, hope and joy, and whatever holiday seems closer to you, it deserves to be spent with those you love, with refined food and selected wines from Čoka Winery.

    Add to the moments in two the magic of Lederer varietal wines, choosing the ones with color and taste perfectly matching the character of your love.

    For new feats, raise the glass filled with the robust aroma of Ždrepčeva krv. Indulge in enjoying the wine variant of your favorite fruit or evoke spring with a playful taste of adventure and passion from Di Luna Sangria bottle.

    May this day be an opportunity to toast to the love that moves the world, but also to those who create unforgettable wine stories with their golden skills.


    Recipe Winter Passion

    1 bottle Di Luna Sangria
    cherries, frozen or canned
    juice of 1 orange
    grated nutmeg
    grated ginger
    3 cinnamon sticks
    80g honey or brown sugar
    2/3 cup vodka

    ½ cup water

    Add all the ingredients to the cooking pot and put on a low heat. Cook for 20-25 minutes until the honey or sugar is completely dissolved. Pour the cocktail into a pitcher and serve in cups in which you have previously put cherry fruits. Decorate with a cinnamon stick.

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    Dance with your heart, awaken your senses!

    Entering December, we are getting closer to true holiday euphoria: completing the started work, designing gifts for the dearest people, but also making suggestions for an unforgettable New Year’s Eve are. If by a perfect New Year’s party you mean a party with a playful atmosphere in good company, you are missing only one more magical ingredient – a drinkable and heady sangria enriched with pieces of selected fresh fruit!

    Di Luna Sangria by Čoka Winery is the right way to toast to the holidays, while the combination of dried fruit and fruit aromas makes this traditional Mediterranean drink an irresistible companion to an evening filled with laughter, excitement and rhythm that invites you to an all-night dance.

    Di Luna Sangria is best consumed with crushed ice and fresh chopped fruit, chilled to a temperature of 10-12 °C. The drinkable taste of Di Luna Sangria wines is best combined with oranges, apples and lemon juice, fresh figs, cherries, strawberries and peaches, while winter days give you extra freedom to play with aromatic spices such as cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg, to the delight of your guests. Its taste will be further enhanced and enriched with a glass of vodka, rum, gin or some fruit brandy, and to make the pleasure complete, serve this drink with olives, cheese and snacks, as well as an indispensable plate of fresh fruit.

    Dance with your heart, awaken your senses and experience the harmony of wine and irresistible fruit freshness – color the festive gatherings with a unique taste of passion, happiness and fun from Di Luna Sangria bottle!


  • To celebrate more!

    To celebrate more!

    Whether it is a slava, a New Year or Christmas celebration, each of these holidays deserves to be celebrated as it should be: with those who mean the most to you, with a festive table and favorite wines to toast to life and its most beautiful gifts.

    Wishing to provide its customers with even more reasons for joy, celebration and spreading happiness, Čoka Winery has put its good, old wines into new clothes, uniting them under a new original name – Ždrebac. The Ždrebac wine palette offers wines for everyone’s taste and various happy occasions. In addition to the new name and modern label design, they are characterized by improved taste and consistency in quality.

    Ždrebac Red and Vranac are wines that belong to the red Ždrebac range. With its full-bodied, strong taste and pleasant bouquets, it will perfectly harmonize with traditional dishes, roasts, venison and grilled meat served at your festive table.

    Made from selected domestic and foreign varieties of white grapes, Ždrebac White, Graševina and Smederevka wine will show their best properties when served well chilled with fish, white meat, cheeses, appetizers and salads.

    Although it perfectly accompanies traditional appetizers and cheeses, Ždrebac Rose is an ideal companion for the sweetest part of the celebration. Made from the noble Pinot Noir variety, this drinkable and refreshing wine is best served with creamy cakes of playful fruity taste.

    It is time to welcome the holidays with open arms and raise a glass with a smile to the health, happiness and well-being of our loved ones. It is time to make a joint decision to make the meetings in the colors of joy as frequent as possible and to make small moments occasions for new celebrations that will be remembered in the future.

    Ždrebac – to celebrate more!