To celebrate more!

To celebrate more!

Whether it is a slava, a New Year or Christmas celebration, each of these holidays deserves to be celebrated as it should be: with those who mean the most to you, with a festive table and favorite wines to toast to life and its most beautiful gifts.

Wishing to provide its customers with even more reasons for joy, celebration and spreading happiness, Čoka Winery has put its good, old wines into new clothes, uniting them under a new original name – Ždrebac. The Ždrebac wine palette offers wines for everyone’s taste and various happy occasions. In addition to the new name and modern label design, they are characterized by improved taste and consistency in quality.

Ždrebac Red and Vranac are wines that belong to the red Ždrebac range. With its full-bodied, strong taste and pleasant bouquets, it will perfectly harmonize with traditional dishes, roasts, venison and grilled meat served at your festive table.

Made from selected domestic and foreign varieties of white grapes, Ždrebac White, Graševina and Smederevka wine will show their best properties when served well chilled with fish, white meat, cheeses, appetizers and salads.

Although it perfectly accompanies traditional appetizers and cheeses, Ždrebac Rose is an ideal companion for the sweetest part of the celebration. Made from the noble Pinot Noir variety, this drinkable and refreshing wine is best served with creamy cakes of playful fruity taste.

It is time to welcome the holidays with open arms and raise a glass with a smile to the health, happiness and well-being of our loved ones. It is time to make a joint decision to make the meetings in the colors of joy as frequent as possible and to make small moments occasions for new celebrations that will be remembered in the future.

Ždrebac – to celebrate more!

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