Return of the lord of taste!

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Celebrating good times and values that last, toast with the Čoka winery wines rounded off with the name of legendary Count Lederer.

Souvignon Blanc, the wine of herbal character, brings the taste of a time when chivalry was equated with the highest honor. Lederer Chardonnay with an authentic note of citrus, green apple and field flowers is a mirror of a rounded refined style, while Cabernet Sauvignon is perfect for hedonists of refined manners. For those who stick to tradition, the ideal choice is a light-tasting Merlot imbued with notes of mature elegance. If you want to complete the moments of enjoyment with the wine of harmonious heady notes of white flowers, choose the seductive, passion-colored Muscat Ottonel.

We invite you to try the wines from the Count Lederer palette of the Čoka Winery and indulge in the embrace of timeless style and carefully preserved wine recipes!

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