Fruit wine gift box 4×0.187l

Refreshing fruit wines from carefully selected blackberry, chokeberry, raspberry and sour cherry fruits.

550.00 RSD

Weight1.827 kg

fruit wine


blackberry, chokeberry, raspberry and sour cherry fruits

Alcohol by volume

5.0% vol

Serving temperature

10 ºC

We carefully conserve the rich heritage and unforgettable wine stories.



Fruit wines are characterized by a perfect harmony of freshness and sweetness, which makes them suitable for all lovers of this contrast of flavors. The wines are bright or dark red in color, with a taste that pleasantly refreshes the palate and promises true enjoyment.

Food pairing

The delight hidden by this wine will make you want to pour another glass, and you will feel its rounded fullness if you consume it with roasted almonds, selected types of river fish, seafood or dark chocolate desserts.