Grof Lederer Merlot exclusive box 0.75l

Varietal red Merlot wine of lush velvety taste.

590.00 RSD

Weight1.442 kg

dry red wine



Alcohol by volume

13.0% vol

Serving temperature

12-14 ºC

We carefully conserve the rich heritage and unforgettable wine stories.



Lush velvety red Merlot exudes softness and a constant hint of ripe fruit, while its juiciness and fullness are contributed by a properly balanced level of acidity and an excellent measure of alcohol.

Food pairing

With hints of plums and currants, you will feel the complete abundance of taste if you order it with dishes rich in aromatic spices, light pasta with tomatoes and meat, rabbit or grilled meat. Best served at a temperature of 12 to 14 ºC.