Blackberry fruit wine 0.187l

Wine of refined fruity taste from blackberry fruits in club packaging.

210.00 RSD

Weight 0.398 kg

fruit wine


blackberry fruits and selected fruit aromas

Alcohol by volume

5.0% vol

Serving temperature

10 ºC

We carefully conserve the rich heritage and unforgettable wine stories.


We turned carefully selected blackberry fruits into wine and subordinated them to your enjoyment for a relaxing end to a busy day. Blackberry wine has long been known as a drink that contributes to health, while for refined aroma lovers, it is a sensual experience that you will want to repeat.

Food pairing

Blackberry wine is characterized by a distinct drinkability, whether consumed as an aperitif or dessert wine or as part of a refreshing wine cocktail. It is ideal in combination with river and sea fish, game dishes and noble cheeses.