Kaštel 0.75l exclusive box

Semi-sweet white table wine of a fluttering taste and drinkable freshness.


450.00 RSD

Weight1.292 kg

stono poluslatko belo vino


kupaža Muskat Otonel i Rizling sorti

Procenat alkohola

11 %vol

Temperatura konzumacije

10-12 ºC

We carefully conserve the rich heritage and unforgettable wine stories.



Obtained with a blend of Muscat Ottonel and Riesling, this semi-sweet fluttering white wine, named after the magnificent building of the Lederer family, is recognizable by its straw yellow color and drinkability it owes to its enchanting freshness and playful bouquet.

Food pairing

Kaštel wine is best served with fish, white meat and light dishes, and it shows its best characteristics if served at the recommended temperature of 10 to 12ºC.