Ždrepčeva krv 0.187l

Original blend of selected, specially nurtured red wine varieties consisting of: Vranac, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Muscat Hamburg.

180.00 RSD

Weight0.388 kg

poluslatko crveno vino


kupaža Vranca, Merloa, Kaberne Sovinjona i Muskat Hamburga

Procenat alkohola

11,0 %vol

Temperatura konzumacije

12-15 ºC

We carefully conserve the rich heritage and unforgettable wine stories.



Semi-sweet, slightly muscat, intriguing and ideally balanced, this is a wine that seizes at first sip with its lush, at times robust bouquet.

Food pairing

The original ruby red blend of specially selected wine varieties brings a hint of the Ždrepčeva krv strength, introducing you to a unique experience of enjoyment, especially when you drink it with game specialties, roasts and dark stewed dishes. You will experience the best characteristics is consuming it at a temperature of 12 to 15 °C.