About the winery


For a whole century we have been driven by the love of wine. We are dedicated to preserving the noblest gifts of the Pannonian vineyards and the secret wine-making skills from which centuries have created a unique art – the art of lasting.



Growing highest quality fruits, harvesting them at the peak of their ripeness, following the rich experience and traditional recipes of old masters – this is the best way to describe the origin of our original and authentic “sand wines”.



In creating wine, we remain consistent with old recipes, adding the best of modern technologies.



Persistent and recognizable by name and taste, our wines are rounded off by our dedication and striving to satisfy the most diverse tastes and affinities of those who trust us.


Let’s tell the story from the beginning – from the origin.

The first chapter of the story about the Čoka Winery begins in 1903, with the construction of a magnificent wine cellar of the famous Lederer family of landowners. Inheriting the "Kaštel" castle and hectares of fertile North Banat land from his father-in-law, the famous Count Marcibanji, Count Arthur Lederer began the exciting history of Potisje viticulture, which has been bringing lavish wine gifts to this noble region for more than a century.
With the construction of the second part of the cellar, which housed concrete vessels, lined with tiles on the inside, the Lederer winery continued its success story. One of the main attractions of this part of the cellar was the now famous vessel that could hold more than 67 thousand liters of wine. In it, Lederer held card games, which, accompanied by Roma musicians, lasted for several days.
This is the year of the completion of the last, by many the most beautiful part of the cellar with the wooden barrels that are part of its famous seventh street. As the cellar is located four meters below the level of the Tisa river, Count Lederer solved the moisture risk by building a functional drainage system, based on highly hygroscopic Tisa sand, spread on the cellar bottom and changed several times during the day with new sand, previously dried on the sun.
During the Second World War, the Lederer family was forced to leave Čoka due to their Jewish origin, and they found refuge in the Republic of South Africa, which is still the home of her descendants. After the liberation in 1945, the Lederer winery became state-owned and changed its name to Čoka Winery, which was followed by decades of growth and production improvement, the establishment of key wine brands, including Ždrepčeva krv.
In addition to reviving and improving production lines and re-introducing existing and introducing new recipes and brands, investments have been made in modernizing production, while listening to the dynamics of the modern market and preserving the tradition of quality have become the basis of a new business model.
Wishing to provide quality and safe raw material bases, Čoka Winery became the owner of the Macedonian Ohrid Winery in September 2007, which adapts its harvesting and processing of grapes, and this strategic move is the result of constant efforts to provide consumers with top quality wine, also offered by Ohrid vineyards rich in sunny days.
Today, Čoka Winery is strengthened by the highest and most modern production standards, thus fulfilling the criteria of the world's largest retail chains and major food companies. Continuous modernization of production and improvement of wine quality, clearly built brand architecture and always innovative marketing performance additionally contribute to the name recognition and the leading position.
Guided by innovation as a key stronghold and direction of development, Čoka Winery is committed to improving its portfolio, reaching new markets and new consumers.


Grateful for the years of trust, we strive to provide our consumers with the quality they deserve. The quality that arose from a century of dedicated wine creation, flavors woven from the best grapes, exciting stories and a tradition that we proudly preserve. Cheers!


” As I hold the cup held high with these hands, through which thousands of miracles have passed, I give you my word:
I will find and gather all the passions of this world and turn them into wine,
red as a stallion's blood and strong as its gallop.
A wine that will stay and last as long as the memory of the name I bear lasts.” Count Lederer


People are at the heart of everything we do: from every vine and harvested ripe grape to every bottle of wine sold