• Čoka at Sarajevo Wine Weekend

    Čoka Winery presented itself again this year at the renowned Wine Fair, Sarajevo Wine Weekend, which was held at Dom vojske from 19 to 20 October. Sarajevans had the opportunity to try a new palette of fruit wines, quality wines from the Ohrid winery, as well as the already well-known Ždrepčeva krv. According to the words of the General Manager of Čoka, Zoran Tripković, this is the second time that Čoka Winery participates in this fair and this is a nice opportunity for it to present both its old brands and something new it has launched.

    You can watch the video from the event on the link below.

  • Hunting, fishing, sports and tourism fair

    For the first time, Čoka Winery successfully participated in the Tourism Fair held in Novi Sad from 4 to 7October. The new palette of fruit wines delighted all the visitors and left a strong impression on everyone who had the opportunity to taste it. As the real hedonists managed to recognize the link between travel, food and good wine, positive comments were not absent and in the end we can only say that we will see each other next year as well.

  • Čoka Winery at the Tastes of Vojvodina

    The Tastes of Vojvodina was held for the second time in Limanski Park in Novi Sad last weekend. Čoka Winery participated in this event and presented itself to the citizens of Novi Sad with the wines of Ohrid & Čoka Winery, as well as with a new range of fruit wines. All visitors had the opportunity to enjoy top quality wines served with traditional Vojvodina cuisine.

  • Čoka Winery at Lady Fair – fair for women

    Lady Fair is a fair for women that has been organized for years in various locations in Belgrade and aims to present women the innovations in the world of cosmetics, makeup, jewelry, healthy eating, literature and the world of film. Čoka Winery presented itself at this fair with its range of fruit wines – Blackberry wine and Di Luna Sangria. The ladies recognized the quality refreshing taste of our wines and agreed to participate in the small prize game “Come up with the most creative slogan for fruit wine”. Ingenuity, creativity and artistic freedom brought Nataša Džogović a Čoka Winery gift package for the slogan “When I need something to make my dia, I know the right choice is Di Luna Sangria”.